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Myth vs. Fact: 8 Proven Ways to Burn Fat

Have a food diary
Aside from helping you stay on track with a healthy diet, a food diary also is a major factor in helping you to pick up patterns on your eating routine. If you realise that you are more or less the same foods regularly, you may need to start randomising your diet. Science has proved that keeping your body guessing helps keep you digestive system in tip-top condition as well as improving your taste buds by constantly eating different foods.

You must lift free weights
If cardio is your ‘cuppa tea’ and you’re ignoring weight training, then I hate to bust your bubble –you’ll most definitely need to get your hands dirty by opting for big, heavy lifts like squats and deadlifts. This will help you build clean muscle mass and get your metabolism revving up. Coupled with the usual cardio weight training is an effective mix in keeping your metabolism in shape and as a direct result your body weight will also be on the downward trend.

Change gears
A good way to help shock your body into a fat-burning action is to keep changing the tempo at which you do your resistance workouts. A good example is, periodically varying the gap in between your workout reps –such as adding four secs to a downward motion and pushing up or cutting down a few secs going up. Such varying motions help shock your system in to burning fat faster

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Take time-outs
One factor that is of paramount importance is resting your body in between trainings. Why it is important is because of the ‘stress hormones’ otherwise known as cortisol.  Although cortisol is of importance to our body systems high levels of this enzyme can have the opposite effect of making to body stock-pile fat –usually the fat that is located on the tummy. Just as there is a season for everything so should there be a season for rest when we let our beaten bodies rest and recuperate.

Enjoy the sun
exposure to sun is unquestionably one of the best ways to enjoy and take in all of the benefits of the crucial vitamin D. Vitamin D provides the body with Calcium, which also helps our body’s fat-fighting nutrients be able to keep fat at bay.

Eat more fat!
Ha! Are you cutting excess fat from your diet thinking the more fat you cut the more you will lose on your body? How wrong can one be… Actually, as much as we are told time and again to cut fat there is a better way of thinking through this –dont cut fat, rather substitute the fat you take with healthy benefitial fats from oily fish, nuts and that avocado. These fats are more likely to give you energy with nutrients – without adding to your body’s surplus fat. Don’t make your body run on empty and try to burn fat at the same time. Thats just not productive, all you got to do is eat right fats and that will help you cut down on that belly fat or that cellulite on your thighs…

Treat yourself periodically
Some experts swear by ‘cheat’ servings. This is where you reward yourself with a treat after a week or two weeks of keeping away from your sweet/fatty cravings. This they believe, will help you accomplish your fat-burning and other body goals by stopping you from caving into cravings during the rest of the week, and preventing your prized metabolism from grinding to a halt. So, go on, treat yourself to big juicy burger by using a side of crispy fries once in a while!

Sleep is king
Sleep to be slim down? Sounds too good to be true! Read on… According to scientific research sleep is vital and of great importance to weightloss. Getting a proper night’s sleep is important especially when you are training or trying to lose weight or cut down on fat. Sleep is a major trigger to the appetite-controlling testosterone leptin. If you do not sleep adequately then your body is bound to snack a lot making you pile on that silent weight.

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